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The Voice Philippines Season 2 February 15, 2015

The Voice Philippines Season 2 February 15 2015
The Voice Philippines Season 2 February 15 2015
Miss Earth 2014, the 14th edition of the Miss Earth pageant, was held on November 29, 2014 at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Alyz Henrich, Miss Earth 2013 from Venezuela crowned Jamie Herrell from Philippines as the new Miss Earth.

The pageant´s theme was promoting ecotourism which aims to raise awareness to the tourists and travelers regarding ecological conservation in order to directly benefit the economic development and to foster respect for different cultures and for human rights.
Final Question in Miss Earth 2014: “‘If you win tonight’s crown, what will you do to help slow down or reverse the effects of global warming??”

Answer of Miss Earth 2014: “Global warming has been known for being long overdue issue, that is why if I am crowned tonight, I will use my title to inspire others, to help our environment, and we start with the kids. Because the kids are the people of tomorrow, and if we teach them, they will also help their community. And that’s what I will do if I am crowned Miss Earth tonight.” – Jamie Herrell, represented Philippines.

Watch The Voice Philippines Season 2 February 15 2015 Replay Below

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