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May Queen September 02 – 2014

May Queen September 2 2014
May Queen September 2 2014
Beginning tomorrow, Sept. 1, experience afternoon drama viewing at its finest as GMA 7 airs the newest Koreanovela offering, May Queen, on the Afternoon Prime block.
Making the Koreanovela extraordinary in spite of its usual genre is the heartfelt portrayal of the cast, making their characters endearing to the viewers. The moving storyline and intense scenes, veering away from the traditional melodramatic plot, even add excitement in every episode.
May Queen showcases the unique story of ambition, revenge, betrayal and love. The story revolves around the life of Delmar (Han Ji-hye), a charming and bubbly young lady, who bravely reaches for her dreams and fulfills her goals despite her gloomy past to make a name for herself in the ship building industry.

Watch May Queen September 2 2014 Episode Replay Below

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