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Marimar – October 23, 2015

Marimar - October 23, 2015
Marimar – October 23, 2015
A truly Filipino MariMar hits home this August She was the epitome of simplicity and innocence, an unassuming lass who was lovable in her naïveté. And yet she captured the hearts of millions of viewers in different parts of the world and became a household name familiar even to young children. She is Marimar, the lead role in the Mexican telenovela of the same name which changed the landscape of Philippine TV in the ‘90s. Marimar not only ushered in the telenovela craze in the country, it also jumpstarted the production of shorter and more fast-paced soap series in the local setting. Starting August 13, GMA Network brings the most-awaited treat to primetime viewers with the launch of the new Marimar Filipinos can truly call their own.

Watch Marimar – October 23, 2015 Episode below

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