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Conan, My Beautician July 24, 2016

Conan, My Beautician July 20 2016
Conan, My Beautician July 24, 2016
A riot of a comedy begins every Sunday on GMA starting June 26!
Gathering today’s most talented comedians to complete a stellar cast topbilled by Mark Herras and Miss World 2013 Megan Young, GMA7’s newest comedy series, “Conan My Beautician” makes every Sunday a laugh treat for the whole family starting June 26. Meet Conan (Mark Herras) — handsome, tattooed and the most talented beautician of Salon Paz. But he is straight. Conan has to pretend he is gay to be able to work for the salon. He needs the job badly to save the life of his hospitalized mother and to make both ends meet for their family after being thrown away from their hometown by the ugly mannered Chika La Chaka (Cacai Bautista).

Watch Conan, My Beautician July 24, 2016 Sitcom Replay

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